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Mobile access control

Using one mobile instead of all of the keys.

Mobile access control will be the newest innovative technology in the current trend. Smartphones and wearable electronic devices will function as users’ credentials when they enter offices or other business facilities.

That will change people's usage habits for access control & time attendance -No more physical card & keyfob everlastingly.

Here are the main benefits of mobile access control:

  • One App for both Bluetooth & NFC

  • A unique credential for each mobile.

  • Cost-effective way to manage credentials

  • Scalable - simply assign more credentials for visitors

  • More distance- Bluetooth range can be meters instead of inches

  • Contactless verification

  • Mobile remote control (Need to work with Network Optix)

  1. Depending on your mobile system, you can choose Bluetooth or NFC verification. Just goes to Google Play or Apple store download and play.

  2. When you install Mobile, the CSS app will create a unique credential for the mobile. Each mobile will have an encryption credential from mobile to CHIYU controllers.

If you have any questions about mobile access control, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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