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Contera IP Camera Series

Contera® by AV Costar™ introduces a brand-new lineup of high-end megapixel (MP) IP cameras at an affordable price point. Contera brings in new advanced technologies such as H.265 compression with our brand new SNAPstream+™ bandwidth reduction technology, Smart IR LEDs with variable illumination, Enhanced WDR™ wide dynamic range up to 120dB, and an onboard storage capacity up to 256GB. New programmable features such as Defog technology can further enhance the quality of raw megapixel surveillance footage while Analytics available in the EX Series can increase situational awareness.

ConteraIP cameras come in several distinct body styles to cover most project solution needs, including our unique installer-friendly housing designs with the ConteraIP LX Remote Setup, ConteraIP Outdoor Dome, and ConteraIP MicroDome LX first introduced in our MegaIP® camera line. ConteraIP cameras come with a choice of 1080p and 5MP resolutions at a full 30fps for all single-sensor models, 8MP or 20MP resolution with our quad-sensor models, up to 16MP resolution for dual-sensor models and 12MP for the ConteraIP Fisheye.

3.2 - ConteraIPMicroDomeLX.jpg

ConteraIP Indoor Dome Series

4 - Contera_Bullet_LeftHero_thumb_24545_

ConteraIP Bullet Series


ConteraIP Outdoor Dome Series

5 - Contera_Micro_Bullet_LeftHeroStraigh

ConterIP Micro Bullet Series

3.1 - ConteraIPMicroDomeLX_Flush.jpg

ConteraIP MicroDome Series (Flush mount)

6 - Contera_Panoramic_Front_thumb_38809_

ConteraIP Panoramic Series

1 - Contera_Indoor_Dome_Series.jpg

ConteraIP MicroDome Series

7 - ConteraIP_Omni_RS_FrontView_thumb_50

ConteraIP Omni LX Remote Setup

8 - ConteraIP_Omni_LX_Front_360_NewBubbl

ConteraIP Omni LX

9 - ConteraIP_Fisheye_thumb_53019_xl.web

ConteraIP Fisheye Series

10 - ConteraIPMicroDomeDuoLX_lefthero_th

ConeraIP MIcroDome Duo

11 - OmniG3_Product_Image_2_62089_xl.web

SuroundVideo Omni G3 Series

12 - SurroundVideo_Omni_SX_Front_360_New

SurroundVideo Omni SX

13 - Omni_Product_Image_1_47627_xl.jpg

SurroundVideo Omni Series

14 - SurroundVideoG5_Front_thumb_15918_x

SurroundVideo G5 Series

15 - SurroundVideo_G5_Mini_360_30423_xl.

SurroundVideo G5 Mini Series

16 - Product_Images_omni_mini_11341_m_68

MicroDome Duo Series

17.1 - Product_Images_MicroDome_G2_Flush

MicroDome G2 Series

(Flush mount)

17.2 - Product_Images_MicroDome_G2_IR_No

MicroDome G2 Series

18 - Arecont_Vision_MegaBall2_Dome_LG_70

MegaBall G2 Series


MegaDome UltraHD Series


MegaDome 4K Series

21 - Product_Images_MegaDomeG3RS_3MP_1_4

MegaDome G3 RS Series

22 - MegaView2_IR_LeftHero_thumb_24476_x

MegaView 2 Series


MegaVideo UltraHD Series


MegaVideo 4K Series

26.1 - MegaVideoCompact_Standard_55630_x

MegaVideo G5 Series

26.2 - MegaVideoG5_5_10MP_52401_xl.jpg

MegaVideo G5 Series

26.3 MegaVideoG5_58640_xl.jpg

MegaVideo G5 Series

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