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Video Management System

Video Management Systems With Access Control And Time Recorder

Collect short video footage from cameras and other sources and record/store that video to a storage device provides an interface to both view the live video, and access recorded video.

Video management systems can be the software component of a network video recorder and digital video recorder, though in general, a VMS tends to be more sophisticated and provide more options and capabilities than a packaged NVR device.

Due to improvements in technology, it is necessary to make a distinction between a VMS and the built-in features of modern network-based security cameras. Many modern network cameras offer internal capabilities to record and review video directly via a web browser and without the use of a VMS. However, a camera's built-in web interface is typically exclusive to the camera itself and does not normally provide a shared access capability across other network cameras. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chiyu.

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